Larking out and About

(Whalley Range/Stretford/Old Trafford/Chorlton)

Singing for Fun for people who find it hard to get out and about, hosted by members of Manchester Larks and Shylarks (and friends).

We are a group of local people who LOVE to sing. As members of Faith's local regular groups, we sing a range of songs from different eras and from around the world. We always sing in harmony and without any instruments accompanying us. Some of us are quite confident singers, but some of us still remember when we failed the audition for the school choir (or were thrown out!) all those years ago, or are conscious that our families, friends or colleagues complain whenever we break into song. Fortunately, Faith has convinced us that everyone can sing. We may not always hit the notes we intended but, between us, we seem to make a pretty good sound. Most of all though, we have great fun and feel much better after a good sing.

We all know that music can be uplifting, and research has now shown that singing is good for us in many ways, improving: breathing, memory, confidence and relaxation and bringing people together. We believe that some older people might particularly appreciate the benefits of singing and yet may find it harder to get out and about to join in with existing groups so Larking out and About is a scheme whereby we come to you, just for an hour or so, to share the joy of singing. We can sing a few songs in harmony for your group to enjoy listening to and we can teach your group some simple songs to join in with, even if your breathing, your memory or your brain power tends to make things difficult these days. You can join in as much as you want and are able to, and there will be several of us on hand to help out. We also like to have tea and cake after singing, we can usually offer to bring these too!

So, if you're involved with a scheme or club for older people, and you think your members may enjoy 'Larking out and About', please contact Faith at or call 0161 881 0855.